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28 min
The friends were missing each other, so Noelia, an exotic tranny, and Nacho, her male friend, got together for a cup of coffee and some nice talking. Noelia, the naughty girl, started showing off her newly bought lingerie - a thing girls always do to their friends! However, she also offered Nacho to become lovers - which he eagerly accepts.

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Caro and Inoc got home totally worn out. To cheer up her lover a bit, Caro wants to give Inoc a present - but only after some naughty action. Carolina blows his hardening rod and then accepts it into her moist muff. Seconds later Carolina pulls out a dildo and starts working on Cristian's butt.

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When you move flats, you have to spend some time adjusting the premises to yourself. A good way to do this is some hot screwing. This is exactly what Kate, the hung beauty, and Johny do when checking out Kate's new apartment. Johny suggested that they find out whether the stairs were solid enough.

18 min
Marcos and Lorena did not care about the entire world, escaping to a flat for a get-together. Not wasting any time, Lorena grabs her today's game and sucks it dry. Marcos also wants a taste of Lorena's tool, and then he impales the sultry tranny on his raging boner. Lorena had to swallow a generous load of fresh hot spunk!

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Ariel sat on the couch, fondling his hardening stick. His shemale girlfriend approached him to suck off the thing. Getting started, Ariel suggested a new sex game, showing the anal balls. His tranny lover agreed willingly, spreading her passage for the balls and then the cock. Ariel finished the game with a large facial.

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Poor Ariel! He hurt his arm and leg in a bike accident. Nearly crying from pain, he calls his shemale girlfriend to take care of his wounds. Angie is here to do everything necessary, and to cheer her guy up a bit she delivers some extra service. The hot tranny sucked his cock and took it from behind, just like the cum seconds later.

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It was a sultry afternoon. The shemale beauty was improving her tan in the back yard. Her mind was occupied with her black cock fantasy. She longed for a thick dark missile to fill her from within. Thanks god there's this black gardener nearby. The horny tranny fished out his tool and made sure it worked properly.

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The TV was especially boring that evening. But then again, who cares about watching telly when you got a smooth curvy nylon-clad tranny by your side? The guy asked whether she liked sucking his cock and swallowing cum, and it took the tranny some time to answer that question in a proper way. What a fuckfest!

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Raul was fresh out of the shower, and Carolina-Paz used this opportunity to satisfy her growing need which she was fondling. She gets her mouth busy with Raul's immediate erection. Raul loves every second of the oral service, so he returns the favor and then uses his cock as a pounding machine to fill Carolina-Paz's sexy posterior.

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